It’s not easy being a socially responsible, small business. We hear you! That’s why we’re developing the new standard in helping you easily measure and report the social impact your small business creates each year.

There’s nothing else like this product on the market. We know — because we looked. We were searching for an impact reporting tool to help small businesses who are strapped for time and mindful of money. And when we couldn’t find anything, we decided to build it ourselves.

We’re designing this product for organizations that are required to produce an annual impact report or for those who are simply looking to better engage their community in the good they create each year.

If your business is

Socially Responsible Small Business
Public Benefit Corporation
Certified B Corporation
Curious About Social Impact

A Better Way to Share Your Social Impact

This impact reporting platform is being collaboratively developed by three small B Corps with the goal of making data collection easier, reporting more efficient, and your story of social impact more compelling.

Measuring Up>

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Better Impact Reports

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